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Mayor Jen Asay's remarks at Congressman Kean's Roundtable Event

Thank you, Congressman Kean, for creating this platform and for the opportunity to


On January 23rd , 3 weeks after being sworn-in as Bernards Township Mayor, I made an

official statement at our Township Committee meeting on the Public Safety topic,

specifically pertaining to resident concerns of burglaries, break-ins, and thefts that

occurred in our town.  Bernards Township has been noted for many years as being of

the safest towns in NJ by independent organizations, but our residents are concerned

by the uptick of home burglaries associated with car thefts that began in the summer of


In Bernards Township, resident safety is our highest concern and expectation of our

community.  While this issue affects many towns and flows from policy choices made at

higher levels of government over which Bernards itself has no control, I assured

residents that we took immediate action and continue to take action to protect our


 As I attended a police presentation, one of many, on January 18th to a neighborhood

that was repeatedly targeted by criminals who burglarized homes to steal cars, I learned

from one of our Detectives that a Bernards Twp stolen vehicle was indeed identified in

Ghana, signaling the potential federal jurisdiction and need to stop the exportation and

thus the disrupting the demand of these stolen vehicles.

Let me highlight action we have taken to date and what’s in-process:

Our Police Department

1. Under the leadership of our Police Chief Jon Burger, our police department

increased its patrols to deter and combat these sorts of crimes in locations and at

times when they tend to occur.  This includes our Chief and his leadership also

completing early hour patrols.

2. Our BTPD created and implemented 3 new tools for our community. These include

a Home Security Checklist, Awareness of police car features, and CityProtect, a new

online platform.

3. Many neighborhood presentations, at the request of residents, have been completed

by our police department, including a TownHall presentation being held today at 7


Bernards Township Committee

1. The Township Committee authorized and brought forward the planned purchase of

APLRs that are in the months-long process of installation. The Township Committee

is also in preliminary budget discussions that include the likely increase of

headcount to our police department and other safety-related investments.

2. We are working to adopt a town ordinance that protects our residents as well as

working with our state Assemblywomen LD-21 (Matsikoudis & Munoz A3806) to

support legislation that they have recently introduced.


1. I held a Zoom call with Senator Bramnick on January 25th to discuss the state

perspective on this topic.

2. On February 5th, the Mayors from the Somerset Hills towns (Bedminster, Bernards

Twp, Bernardsville, Bridgewater, Far Hills, and PeaPack/Gladstone) met and formed

the Somerset Hills Public Safety Committee where we are working together with our

Police Chiefs to synergize our local efforts on this topic, including meeting today.

3. I am engaged with the Conference of Mayors on this topic and working to develop a

subcommittee to focus on bail reform and programs for youth.

I have to thank our outstanding police department, led by Chief Burger, for their tireless

work, day in and day out of keeping our residents safe.

I hope that you can see this is an issue that I am passionate about. While many think

of Bernards Township as an affluent town, I know it to be a group of people who have

worked hard to earn what they have. They deserve the right to live without fear of

someone coming into their home – especially with their family present, shattering their

sense of personal security, of feeling safe in their own home, for a criminal to just take

their things, and without any consequences.    

Mayor Jen Asay


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