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Letter From Andrew McNally

Dear Fellow Bernards Township Resident,

Bernards Township is a special place, one that you and I both call home. I place great value on preserving and enhancing our community, so much so that back in 2021, I decided to run for local office. Bernards Township residents trusted me to lead our community, and I was elected to the Bernards Township Committee. As part of that service, I had the distinct honor as serving as Mayor of Bernards Township in 2023. Consistent with our tradition of annually rotating mayors, at the beginning of this year the reins passed to my friend and running mate, Jennifer Asay, who currently serves as Mayor.

Mayor Asay and I are now running for re-election, and we seek your vote.

To learn more about me, Mayor Asay, and our re-election campaign, please visit our website.

It is a special honor to serve as one of your representatives in local government. To ensure that Bernards remains a safe and welcoming community, where costs are kept under control and overdevelopment is reined in, I humbly ask for your support for our re-election.

Whether you vote by mail, vote early, or vote in person, please cast your vote for Jennifer Asay and Andrew McNally for Bernards Township Committee.


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