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Who We Are and What We Stand For

We are fiscal conservatives devoted to promoting efficient, responsive, transparent, and community-focused government. We are committed to keeping Bernards Township the safe and welcoming community our residents have chosen to call home. We want all families to have the same positive experiences we have had in raising our families in Bernards. Our campaign motto “For Bernards For You” epitomizes our governing principles.

Please see candidate bios for how Mayor Jen Asay and Committeeman Andrew McNally are implementing our governing principles listed below.

Our Governing Principles


We will support our police and first responders to maintain the excellence they deliver. Our town is among the safest in New Jersey and indeed the entire United States. This is a testament to the men and women in blue, as well as all of our first responders, who tirelessly serve our community to the benefit of every resident, every day and every night. We will also work with our State and County officials to ensure that crime is appropriately addressed at all levels of government. See the Safety Tip Sheet HERE.



Overdevelopment has the potential to seriously affect our quality of life and have serious adverse impacts on schools, traffic, emergency services and finances. In our view, the courts should not be deciding how our local zoning works. The solution lies in Trenton with the State Assembly, the State Senate and the Governor’s Office. We will work with the Township Committee, other mayors, and our elected State officials to find appropriate solutions that make sense and have bipartisan support. We can only make progress on the challenges of overdevelopment and finding a solution to meeting future affordable housing mandates if we work together in a collaborative manner.  See informative link regarding affordable housing.


We are committed to prudent, fiscally conservative government and keeping our town 100% debt free with a balanced budget. Our governing philosophy is careful spending and following a “pay-as-you-go” approach to expenditures. We are also committed to exploring ways to efficiently reduce government spending without sacrificing the high quality of municipal services our residents have come to expect and are entitled to. Read about your tax dollars here and where your tax dollars go here. 



Community engagement and transparency go hand in hand. We believe that openness, accountability and honesty define transparency in government. We will encourage our residents to follow the issues, attend public meetings, and become engaged. We will listen to our residents and their concerns with an open mind, encourage honest and candid discussion and respond to questions, to the best of our ability. In particular, we will ensure that proposed municipal budgets are published well in advance with ample opportunity for review and discussion by the public prior to any approval. We fully understand and appreciate that such transparency is the hallmark of good government.



Our “For Bernards For You” banner reflects our philosophy of fostering inclusivity and encouraging engagement. We look forward to listening to and representing all Bernards residents in our diverse community. We will be strong supporters of the “Fabric of Bernards” series of presentations designed to educate and celebrate Bernards Township’s rich diversity, recognizing that “every resident is a thread woven together into the strong and unique fabric of Bernards”. We will also promote and advocate participation in the “Tap the Talent” program whereby residents can volunteer for the good of the community in a host of ways by serving on various boards and commissions. We understand that communication and collaboration are key to building trust, engagement and unity. 

Click HERE if you are interested in becoming involved with your local government.

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